Costs You Need to Factor in to Your Moving Budget

Costs You Need to Factor in to Your Moving Budget

Moving can be exciting, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. Before you make the big move, make sure you’ve got your budget in order. In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential costs to include when creating your moving budget. So grab a pen and paper and let’s get started!

Movers Needed

Most household moves will require some sort of assistance from professional movers. How much you need help with is going to depend on the number of items being moved and the distance between your current address and the new one.

When determining your moving budget, you should take into account the costs associated with hiring a mover. If you’re using a full-service moving service provider, they can handle all aspects of your move from packing to loading and transport to unloading at your new home.

If you’ve got lots of bulky furniture, unusually large items or are tackling a long distance move, then full service movers may be the best option for you. The cost of their services will depend on the type of package selected and any add-on services that you choose. Make sure to ask about additional fees for certain items such as pianos that may require special handling by experienced professionals.

Another option is to enlist some friends or family members as helpers with your move. However, many people opt out on this because it requires both more time and energy once they arrive at their new home tired after a longs day of travel. Also consider renting a trailer if you have enough capable bodies available to help load it up and drop it off when finished—this could save time in the long run (and might even turn into an adventure).

Length of the job

When planning your budget for a move, you need to consider the length of time it will take to complete the job. If you are merely packing yourself and moving locally, your timing may be shorter — however, if you have hired movers, they will usually charge by the hour. It’s important to get an estimate from a prospective mover to ensure that you won’t be surprised when their estimate is higher than expected. Additionally, having someone else take up the task of transporting your items can be a great way to save stress associated with moving.

Also factor in additional time for packing, especially if there are bulky or fragile items to pack such as electronics or artwork. Having extra boxes, tape, blankets and other supplies on hand can make sure that packing goes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Consider whether additional tasks, such as cleaning a home before move out day or unloading during arrival day need to be factored in — these can both come with costs which factor into your overall price range for moving.

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Size of the move

Size of the move is another key cost factor to consider when making a budget for a move. The size of your move — the distance in which you need to relocate and the number of rooms full of belongings — will help determine the cost associated with transportation, materials, and labor.

  • There are typically six sizes of moves, with larger moves costing more than smaller moves:
  • Studio/Small one-bedroom apartment (1000 – 1500 lbs): Costs range from $275 to $550
  • Large one-bedroom apartment or small house (1500–3000): Costs range from $550 to $950
  • Two-bedroom home (3000–4500): Costs range from $950 to $1450
  • Three bedroom home (4500–6000): Costs range from $1150 to $1850
  • Four bedroom home (6000–8000): Costs range from $1350 to $2250Five bedroom home/large office move (over 8000 lbs + multiple trucks): Costs can be anywhere over 2250

Packing Materials

When you’re moving, there are certain costs you must factor in to your budget. Packing materials can take up a large chunk of that budget and it’s important to plan for them. Packing supplies include more than just boxes — you’ll need tape, bubble wrap, packing paper or newspaper, labels, markers, packing peanuts and cushioning foam. These materials will help ensure the safe delivery of your belongings during the move.

It’s a good idea to seek out recycled moving boxes to minimize the cost of packing materials. You could also visit stores that are getting rid of display boxes or ask friends which stores they’ve obtained free boxes from in the past. You may have to buy new boxes if none of those options are available but be sure to check online for coupon codes or sales on packing supplies before committing to a purchase.

In addition to purchasing packing materials, you’ll need items such as rope and/or bungee cords for securing furniture onto the moving truck and large items into place once inside your new residence. As with any major expenditure, make sure you shop around for competitive prices from multiple suppliers before making a purchase decision.

Services acquired

If you’re hiring a moving company or other services to make your move easier, you need to factor in the cost of the services into your budget. When getting quotes for services, be sure that you are comparing apples to apples – check what services are included for the total fees quoted.

Professional moving companies offer a wide range of services, from loading and unloading to professional packing and waste disposal. Here are some that you may want to consider when budgeting:

  • Hiring movers: Professional movers will load, transport and unload your belongings at your new home. This service would also generally include protective equipment like blankets or crates to prevent damage and liability insurance.
  • Packing services: Professional packers are helpful if you don’t have enough time or expertise in packing breakables or delicate items yourself. You can choose between partial (specific rooms only) and full service (for all items in your home).
  • Cleaners: Cleaners can help make sure that both your old and new homes get a thorough deep clean before and after the move. Make sure that this is included as part of your quote so you don’t need to hire two different companies for pre-move cleaning and post move cleaning.
  • Storage services: If needed, some moving companies may offer full service storage options for all of your items. This could involve pick up from any location and transport to the storage warehouse where items would be securely stored until needed again at another location of your choice.
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Length of the job

The length of time it takes for your move can affect the cost you incur. If you are able to move quickly, you may be able to take advantage of a lower hourly rate for packing and moving services. It’s important to factor in both the distance of your move as well as how long it will take your movers.

For shorter moves that require fewer packing hours, one factor to consider is how many boxes and items will need special care. It often takes longer to pack up antique furniture, crystal dinnerware and electronic equipment than regular household items; however, extra care may be necessary if these items are fragile or valuable. If you need extra boxes and other moving supplies such as bubble wrap or stretch wrap, be sure to figure these costs into your budget as well.


At the end of the day, one of the most important aspects when budgeting for a move is to determine what you can and are willing to pay for. The cost of your move will be affected by the amount that you are able and willing to pay for the services involved, along with modifications or upgrades that you’d like installed. Even if cost is not necessarily a major concern, having an accurate estimate and budget in place will help prevent any unexpected costs or setbacks during your moving process.

Remember that nothing is worse than an unexpected surprise during an already stressful time – so ensure that all costs have been taken into account and the more detailed information you have at hand, the better off you’ll be in avoiding any surprise fees.

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