Difference Between Small Movers and Big Moving Companies

Difference Between Small Movers and Big Moving Companies

Are you the overwhelmed and paranoid type when it comes to moving? You are not alone! But don’t worry, because whether you’re hiring a big or small moving company, we’ll guide you through the confusing process. In this blog post, we’ll tell you all about the pros and cons of both small movers and big moving companies. So sit tight and get ready to dive into the world of movers!

Resources and manpower

When comparing small movers to big moving companies, a key consideration lies in the resources and manpower they have at their disposal. Smaller movers are typically resource constrained, making them better suited for smaller projects that don’t require heavy-duty equipment. Bigger companies are more likely to have a wide selection of vehicles, including box trucks and larger commercial options which can be used to safely transport large pieces of furniture and other bulky items.

Bigger companies also have access to more labour, meaning they can move your possessions quicker than smaller movers. However, while they’re often able to offer lower per hour rates than their smaller counterparts, bigger moving companies may not give as much flexibility in scheduling or meeting short notice requests.

Additionally, big moving companies often carry additional fees such as fuel charges or long-distance charges that may not apply when hiring a smaller mover – so it’s important to consider all the variables before making your decision.

Speed of moving service

Speed is an important consideration in assessing the differences between small movers and big moving companies. Generally speaking, smaller movers tend to specialize in speed and efficiency by offering less complex services than some of their larger counterparts. This means they can usually complete the job faster while charging a lower rate. In most cases, small movers will have a team of professional staff and access to quality moving equipment, making them well suited for close-quarter or local moves.

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On the other hand, large moving companies may provide a higher level of expertise and more comprehensive services in comparison with smaller ones. These companies can handle much-larger jobs with multiple pick-ups and drop-offs over long distances, allowing you to move much more quickly. The speed at which these larger companies operate all comes down to the size of their staff, making it important that any such company is properly staffed so that no delays occur during the move.

Quality of service

When comparing small movers to larger moving companies, the quality of service is one of the main differences. Smaller moving companies usually offer more personalized service. They often have fewer customers, so their customers typically benefit from more detailed attention and better communication. Smaller movers may prioritize customer satisfaction, providing quality control for every move and resolving issues quickly with efficient solutions.

On the other hand, larger moving companies may place a higher emphasis on efficiency at all times resulting in lower-quality customer service. Bigger moving businesses can also be less flexible, providing less choice of services and products while stressing speed over customer satisfaction. With a higher amount of customers at any one time, they may not be able to focus on each individual’s needs or problems – making actual functionality quite particular from one scenario to another.

Area coverage

When it comes to choosing a moving company, you should consider their area coverage and other offerings. Big companies generally have more expansive coverage throughout the country, with more resources and personnel to help tackle larger jobs. Smaller companies often focus on local moves in one area, or a few surrounding areas. As such, they typically have smaller staffs and may not be able to tackle jobs involving long-distance travel or complex logistical challenges.

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Big moving companies are a great choice when you’re relocating across the state or even nationwide. They usually offer packing materials that meet federal shipping regulations in addition to comprehensive insurance packages for your items during transit.

Small movers are typically best suited for local moving service like apartment relocations within the same city, or assisted living moves nearby when frequent trips to your residence is required during the process. Smaller companies may also offer additional services like packing assistance from individuals who have experience with proper procedures and techniques – an important consideration if you don’t want your items damaged during transport!


In conclusion, there are a variety of moving companies from which to choose. When deciding between small movers and big moving companies, it is important to carefully consider the pros and cons associated with each. While small movers may be more affordable, they may not provide features such as boxes and additional insurance coverage.

On the other hand, large moving companies generally provide services associated with a larger budget but may at times be hampered by customer service issues. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you want a quick and affordable move or a luxurious but more costly experience.

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