Hacks for Packing Shoes When You're Moving

Hacks for Packing Shoes When You’re Moving

From tennis shoes to high heels, packing up your shoes for a move can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow this blog post for simple and creative hacks that will have your shoes packed up in no time.

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Use Shoe Boxes

Using shoe boxes is one of the easiest hacks if you want to pack your shoes correctly and quickly when moving. Separate each pair by putting them in separate boxes, wrap each shoe in packing paper or bubble wrap to protect it from any shifting during the move, and use tissue paper or crumpled newspaper to fill in any excess space between the shoes.

Make sure to write down what type of shoe it is on the outside of the box for easy organization once at your new home. Additionally, this will make it easier to unpack as well since you won’t have to guess which boxes have your shoes in them. Label each shoe box with its destination room so unpacking will be fast and effective.

Use Plastic Bags

When you start packing your shoes for a move, finding ways to keep them organized and protected is key. To keep your shoes safe and water-resistant during a move, start by purchasing some large plastic bags or zippered pouches. Label each bag with the contents, so you know where they are when it’s time to unpack. Then add each pair of shoes, cushioned with tissue paper or another padding to keep them from being damaged. Once the bag is full, secure it with a zip tie before moving on to your next pair of shoes. This will help prevent water damage while keeping your footwear organized throughout the move.

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Fill the Toes

When packing shoes for a move, one of the best hacks is to fill the toe area with shoved newspaper or other lightweight items before placing them in the box. This helps keep the shoes from bending and taking on a permanent crease or fold. For delicate materials and fabrics, such as satin and silk, loosely crumple tissue paper around each shoe to provide extra support.

Additionally, before packing them away, ensure that all buckles, straps, laces and heels are fastened tightly, so they do not snag during transit. If you are using a soft-sided duffel bag or suitcase to store your shoes while on the move, roll up socks or small clothing items and use them to fill gaps between each shoe for added cushioning.

Utilize Vacuum Storage Bags

Utilizing vacuum storage bags is one of the best ways to effectively and efficiently pack shoes when you are moving. Vacuum storage bags keep shoes dust free and compress them, so they take up less space. The more compressible the bag, the more storage space it will save.

It’s essential to ensure you don’t overstuff your vacuum storage bags or leave too much air in them; this could damage some types of shoes. Make sure to fill the bag up as much as possible without crashing your footwear so that they will fit in it quickly and still retain their shape on arrival when you unpack them.

Additionally, adding a few drops of lavender oil into the bag with the shoes can help freshen them up upon arrival.

Pack Heels and Boots Vertically

When packing shoes for a move, it’s essential to consider safety and space efficiency. One way to maximize these two goals is to pack your heels and boots vertically. Many shoe boxes come with perforated sections that make it easy to separate or pack multiple pairs of shoes together. Heels and boots are usually heavy and lacking in padding, so they should be packed so that they’re not creased or exposed on the edges where they can be easily damaged.

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To safely pack your heels and boots vertically, start by ensuring that any dirt or dust has been removed from them first. Place them inside their original boxes or tissue paper between each pair, so they don’t get scuffed during the move. Next, bundle the heels and/or boots together using wrapping paper or bubble wrap for added protection. Finally, use tape around the outside of the shoe stack to secure it before placing anything else on top. Doing this will ensure that your shoes stay safe while entirely using every inch of storage space available during your move!

Label the Boxes

Labeling the boxes can be incredibly useful and helpful when it comes to packing up your shoes when you’re moving. Make sure you clearly dimension the labels and indicate what type of shoe is in every box. That way, you can easily identify which box contains which pair of shoes immediately. This will prevent confusion and simplify unpacking your items at your new home.

For an extra layer of protection, try using double-walled cardboard boxes for packing up all your beloved shoes carefully – this not only ensures that any sharp corners are buffered from other items, but it also makes it significantly easier to stack the boxes neatly without worrying about breakage or damage.


Packing your shoes properly when you’re moving is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure a successful move. The right packing supplies and strategies can make all the difference in keeping your shoes safe throughout the relocation.

Start by gathering the right boxes and packing materials, writing information on each box, and using space-saving techniques like stuffing and rolling. Use newspaper or bubble wrap to wedge delicate items in place, and try to stay organized while packing. Finally, store your boxes of shoes away from any bulky items that might damage them during transport and ensure all lids are secured.

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