How Many Moving Boxes You Need For a Move

How Many Moving Boxes You Need For a Move

Moving can be complicated and stressful, but with a little planning and the right number of moving boxes, you can make it an efficient process. Read on to find out how many moving boxes you need for your upcoming move.

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The Number of Boxes You Need Based on the Size of Your Home

When it comes to packing for a move, one of the most important things to consider is how many moving boxes you will need. The number of boxes needed for your move will depend on the size of the home you are moving from. Below we’ve laid out the number and types of boxes you should plan for depending on the size and type of residence you live in.

  • Small Apartments: If you are planning a move from a small studio apartment or one-bedroom home, then between 20-25 medium-sized and 10 large boxes should suit your needs. To get started packing small items, you might go ahead and pick up some additional ‘small moving boxes’ or use plastic tubs to pack any small loose items like dishes, glasses, or small items that have become part of your room decor
  • Houses: Larger homes with multi bedrooms will require more packing supplies than smaller homes. Since these spaces often have more furniture, appliances, wall fixtures and decorations that need safe packaging during transport; we suggest reserving 40 medium-sized cardboard boxes and an extra 10 large cardboard ones for larger electronics like TVs or sofas.
  • Garages & Storage Spaces: Often filled to the brim with storage items such as seasonal decorations, sporting goods & tools- garages require their own specialty boxes made exclusively for heavier loads. If possible it’s recommended organizing all garage items into plastic containers as well as picking up 1-2 heavy duty moving box kits made specifically for heavier loads like tools sets or lawn & garden equipment prior to transport.
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The Type of Boxes You Need Based on the Type of Your Stuff

Depending on the type of items you need to pack, and the length of your move, there are several types of moving boxes that would work best for packing your belongings. Here is a breakdown of the boxes most commonly used for specific types of items:

  • Small Boxes: Use these for heavier and more breakable items like books, canned goods, glassware, and lamps. Smaller boxes may also be used for packing clothing and linens.
  • Medium Boxes: These are great multipurpose containers that can be used to pack lamps, dishes, small appliances, and toys.
  • Large Boxes: Perfect for bedding and other larger or bulky items like lampshades and pillows. Large boxes may also be used to carry lighter-weight items since they hold more than medium or small boxes can.
  • Extra Large Boxes: These are great for larger pieces of furniture like dressers or nightstands; mattresses; comforters; rugs; sport equipment such as bikes; and any other large miscellaneous objects you have in your home.

It’s important to note that moving boxes come in various sizes so it’s important to make sure you get the appropriate size box based on what you’re packing!

Important Considerations When Calculating How Many Moving Boxes You Need

One of the most important considerations when calculating how many moving boxes you need is the size of your household. The more people living in your home, the more items you will have to pack. This means that you will need to purchase more boxes than if you were living alone. You should also take into account any extra items such as supplies like bubble wrap, packing tape, labels, markers and scissors so that you are adequately equipped for the move. If possible, it is best to overestimate your box needs so that if something goes wrong during packing or unpacking, you have extra moving supplies on hand.

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Another factor to consider when calculating how many moving boxes you will need is how long your move will take – as well as how far away your new home is located. If it takes multiple days or weeks for all of your belongings to arrive at their new residence safely, then it’s a good idea to buy more boxes than necessary in case some of them are lost or damaged along the way.

In addition to size and distance, another important consideration when estimating how many moving boxes should be used is what type of goods need packing up before the move can proceed. Large pieces of furniture like couches and beds require multiple large boxes which take up considerably more space than smaller items like dishes and folded clothing which can fit neatly inside smaller sized containers.

Depending on what kind of contents are being moved, different amounts of moving boxes may be needed due to their varying sizes and shapes.


To wrap up, the amount of moving boxes you need for a move largely depends on how much stuff you have. After sorting and decluttering your belongings, measure each remaining item to better understand the size, amount, and shape of boxes needed for your particular move. If you’re pressed for time, use a moving box calculator to get an estimate based on the number of rooms and/or items you plan on packing. Finally, shop around to compare box prices and ask if any stores offer discounts or delivery services when ordering in bulk.

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