How to Pack Toys for Moving

How to Pack Toys for Moving

If you thought packing the dishes and clothes was the most challenging part of moving, wait until you have to figure out how to move your kids’ toys safely! Don’t worry – we’ve got the ultimate packing guide for organizing, protecting, and prepping their beloved playthings for their journey to your new home. Let’s get started!

Gather Supplies

Before you begin packing your toys, it’s essential to have the right supplies organized and ready. To make sure your child’s favourite items are adequately packed for the move, you will need the following supplies:

  • Boxes: Regular-sized boxes that are strong and sturdy should be used mainly when packing toys. Use smaller boxes for more oversized items, such as stuffed animals.
  • Wrapping material: This includes newspaper, bubble wrap, tissue paper, plastic wrap or plain brown paper to create extra protection against damage during transit.
  • Packing tape: A good quality packing tape specifically designed for moving is essential when sealing boxes. It’s worth investing in if you plan on doing a lot of packing.
  • Labels and markers: Clearly labelling containers will make it easier to identify which box contains which toys when unpacking at the new house or putting away in an attic or storage unit later on. Having these on hand before packing is key.

It’s also worth considering getting professional moving company help to ensure your child’s toys and other belongings are properly packed and safely transported to your new home.

Sorting Toys Out

Before you begin packing toys, it’s essential to sort them out. Sorting toys into categories will help ensure they all make it to the new home without getting lost in the chaos of the move. Toys can be sorted by type, size, age of the child, or any other criteria that work for you.

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Before packing each toy away, check for any pieces that may be missing and don’t pack them – this will save time down the line if you try to find a missing piece; it’s probably easier not to take it in the first place!

Once all toys are correctly sorted, make sure to put aside any particularly emotional or sentimental items – these should be packed last as they are likely to bring a smile when unpacked rather than added stress.

Preparing Toys for Packaging

Pack toys securely and safely when moving. Start by sorting through all the toys and setting aside any that you are not taking with you. If there are damaged items, discard them in an appropriate way. Place the remaining toys into categories, such as large pieces, puzzles, trim pieces, figures and dolls, stuffed animals and books.

Next, start packing individual categories separately. For the small pieces like Lego sets or figures and dolls, wrap each item individually in bubble wrap or use packing paper for extra protection during transport. Store them in sturdy boxes labelled according to the type of toy or game that is inside. Also, add one layer of packing peanuts at the bottom of all boxes to help maximize protection for fragile items during transit.

Large pieces such as tricycles or toy kitchens should be disassembled before packaging. All individual parts should be clearly labelled with corresponding numbers so they can be reassembled easily after arriving at your destination residence. Books can be boxed together, while stuffed animals can usually stay intact when wrapped snugly together in a single box filled with bubble wrap to cushion them from bumps during travel.

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While prepping your toys for packing is important it is not the only step necessary to ensure a successful transfer of goods during a move – make sure all boxes are correctly locked and seal them shut with packaging tape for extra security.

Unpacking and Organizing in the New Home

Upon moving into the new home, it’s essential to take some time to unpack and organize all of your child’s toys. You will want to unpack the most significant items first because they can occupy a majority of the space in a room. Once you have more oversized items situated in their area, begin unpacking and organizing smaller items. This can include action figures, stuffed animals, toy sets, puzzles, and other smaller pieces.

It is important to keep storage containers like large plastic bins handy for easy organizing. Place all small pieces, such as Legos, into one or two containers explicitly labelled for those items – this makes tidying up much more accessible! Allow your child some time to be involved in unpacking and putting away their own items so that they feel more at home. Remember to keep heavier articles lower for safety measures when placing toys onto shelves or cubbies.

Additionally, be sure that any boxes containing toys are labelled clearly with lists of what is inside so that it is easier next time you need to find something quickly!


Once you’ve successfully packed up your toys for your move, the most important step is to label the boxes with their contents and where they belong. Doing this will ensure that everything arrives at your new home in its original condition and in the correct room.

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