How To Prevent Moving Day Injuries

It’s moving day! You’ve been planning and packing for weeks, and now it’s time to get your belongings to your new home. But before you start hauling boxes around, take a few minutes to read this post. We’ll share some tips on how to prevent moving day injuries.

Avoid packing the last minute

The biggest mistake you can make is leaving your packing until the last minute. By starting early, you will have time to properly pack items and wrap breakables. You’ll also be less stressed on moving day because everything will be ready to go!

When you have enough time to pack, you can take your time and do it right. You’ll have more energy and be less likely to get injured while packing or when carrying heavy items on moving day.

Get help with the heavy lifting

It’s important to remember that moving is hard work. You don’t want to try to do it all by yourself – especially if you’re not in good shape. Ask friends or family for help, and be sure to take breaks often.

If you can’t get help from others, consider hiring a professional moving company. They have all the equipment and know-how to get your belongings packed safely, loaded into their truck, and unloaded at your new home.

If you do hire a professional moving company, don’t try to save money by packing everything yourself. Pay them extra if you need help with that too! You’ll be glad when they arrive on moving day ready for the job.

Use the proper equipment to move

proper equipment to move

Use caution when moving boxes and other items. Make sure you have the correct equipment to move them safely.

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If you’re using a dolly, make sure it’s in good condition and that the wheels are locked before lifting anything onto it.

When packing boxes, use plenty of packing tape to keep them together. Be especially careful with glassware and other breakables. Wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap before putting them into boxes. If possible, place any fragile items near the top of your pile so they won’t get crushed when other heavy objects are placed on top of them!

Think about safety first! Don’t overdo it if you’re not in good shape, and take breaks often. This will help keep you safe and injury-free on moving day.

Utilize proper lifting techniques


The best way to prevent an injury while moving is to use proper lifting techniques. When you lift a box, always keep your back straight and bend at the knees.

When carrying boxes or other items, hold them as close to your body as possible. Don’t try to carry too many things at once – take breaks often and switch off with someone else. This will reduce strain on your body!

Don’t walk through a door with something in hand if there isn’t room for both you and the item to fit comfortably. Instead, ask someone else to hold it or move it out of the way before going through. You can also use a dolly if available so that you don’t have any direct contact with the item being moved.

If you’re unsure of how to lift something, ask another person for help before attempting it alone. They may be able to show you the best way!

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Practice good posture when lifting, bending over and reaching for things at all times during your move. This will help prevent injuries while moving day is still in progress as well as those that might occur after everything has been unpacked and put away later on down the line.

Know your limitations.

When you’re moving day is almost over, it’s easy to get fatigued. But don’t let this cause your back or muscles to cramp up!

If something feels like too much weight for you, ask someone else to help carry the load. You’ll be glad they did when they offer their assistance instead of having an injury occur on moving day.

If you need to lift heavy items, make sure that one person is holding both sides of the item with two hands and another person supports them from behind so they don’t fall over backwards while carrying it. This will help prevent injuries during your move because everyone will know their role in lifting things safely!

Final Thoughts on Moving Day Injuries

Moving day is a long and arduous process, but with some preparation and by following these simple tips, you can help prevent any injuries from occurring. Utilize the proper equipment, take breaks often, and use caution when lifting boxes and other items – this will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible!

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