How to Protect Your Floors and Carpet on Moving Day

How to Protect Your Floors and Carpet on Moving Day

Moving is hard work, and when you’re moving, it’s important to take care of your belongings. It would be best if you also were concerned about the condition of your floors and carpets.

We created this blog post with tips on how to protect these surfaces during a move.

Use Furniture Sliders To Move Easily

Furniture Sliders For Moving

The first thing you must do to protect your floors and carpet is to buy furniture sliders to protect your floors and carpets, especially when moving heavy pieces of furniture.

Furniture sliders are placed under the legs of large, heavier items like couches or dressers to make it easier for you to move them across hardwood floors or carpeting.

The smooth movement will reduce the risk of damage while making sure everything stays upright during transport.

As an added bonus, these small slip-on discs can also be used in place front leg caps that come standard with many couches and chairs because they don’t leave any permanent marks on your floor.

Use Plywood To Protect Flooring

The next tip is to protect your hardwood floors from being scratched or damaged by using plywood under the legs of furniture.

Plywood is a strong, sturdy material that will keep everything in place while you transport it, so there’s no slipping and sliding that could cause damage to your flooring or other surfaces.

You can either purchase pre-cut sheets with rounded corners at home improvement stores or have them cut down to size for you if they don’t offer custom sizes.

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Shoe Covers Must Be Used

Make sure you always use shoe covers when moving, so you don’t transfer any dirt, stains, or damage to your carpeting.

Shoe covers are usually made of plastic and slip over the shoes of people who are entering a house that is being shown on the market for sale.

These coverings keep all dust, scuffs, and other things from dirtying up floor surfaces.

Consider having your movers and yourself wearing this to provide extra protection for your floors and carpets.

Use Carpet Mask To Protect Carpets

A carpet mask is a clear film that you can place over your carpets to keep them from getting dirty or stained.

It’s most often used by real estate agents who want their houses’ floors and carpets looking pristine when they show it to buyers.

Movers also use this for protection during a move because any dirt, stains, spills, or other things could cause damage if left behind on the carpeting.

If you don’t have enough of these materials lying around already before moving day, try contacting a reliable moving company, so you know what needs to be done ahead of time.

Floor Runners For Wood Flooring

Lastly, Floor runners are another alternative to protect your wood floors during the moving process.

This is a runner that you can put down on top of hardwood flooring before placing heavy objects over them so they don’t get scratch scuff or otherwise damage the surface underneath.

These usually have some sort of gripping material at their bottom, so there’s no slipping and sliding when furniture is dragged across it either.

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This blog post has offered some great tips for protecting your floors and carpet on moving days.

If you want to learn more about the ways in which we can help protect your home during this time, let us know!

We’re always happy to answer any questions that may arise as you consider what is best for your needs.

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