How To Save Space When Packing for a Move

How To Save Space When Packing for a Move

When you are packing for a move, there is always one question that stands out: how can I save space? The answer to this question varies and depends on the situation. However, in general, the best way to reduce your moving expenses is by reducing the size of your home before you pack up and leave.

In this blog post, we will cover some tips used by trained movers that may help if you’re looking for ways to save space when packing for a move!

Roll Up Your Clothes

Rolling up your clothes is a great way to save space, and it also helps you stay organized!

When packing, place rolled-up items into boxes that are the same size.

This will help keep everything neat and tidy while saving storage space in your new home or apartment.

You can even use smaller containers like plastic bins for specific types of clothing (i.e., one bin for all jeans).

Declutter Your Items

If you are moving to a new city or state, chances are you have some extra items that don’t fit in your home anymore.

Before starting the packing process, go through all of your belongings and decide what is truly important for you to bring with you on the move!

Once this is done, try putting everything else into storage units near where you will be living so that it’s easy to access if needed.

Not only does decluttering save space while packing for a move, but it also makes unpacking much easier since everything has its place!

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Avoid Stacking Your Kitchen Plates

If you have a large dinnerware set, it may be tempting to stack your plates while packing for the move.

However, stacking dishes can cause them to break – instead of taking up more space in boxes and risking damage, wrap each plate individually with newspaper before placing it into a box.

This will help keep everything safe during transport from one location to another!

Put Lightweight Items In Drawers

If you have a variety of lightweight items such as clothing, bedding, and pillows that don’t need to be packed in boxes, try putting them into drawers!

Make sure the heaviest items are on the bottom so they will act as ballast for your lighter pieces.

This is another great way to save space when packing up your home since it allows you to pack more with fewer boxes.

Use Your Travel Suitcases

If you are moving to a new place that is relatively close, consider using your suitcases as extra storage space.

Fill them with important items or lightweight pieces and put them in the back of closets, so they don’t take up much room!

This is also an easy way to keep everything organized since suitcases have built-in handles for easily pulling out whenever needed.

Use Towels And Blankets As Packing Materials

If you don’t have any extra boxes to spare, try using towels and blankets instead.

You can layer them between bigger items or fill a box with nothing but rolled-up towels – the choice is yours!

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This is another great way to save space when packing because it allows you to use what you already have on hand.

Utilize Nesting Packing Technique

If you are moving to a smaller home or apartment, consider using the nesting packing technique.

This is when you put your largest item in first, followed by progressively smaller items until everything fits into boxes of similar size!

For example, you can nest smaller kitchen bowls on larger ones and fit other small items inside.

Other easy items that can be nested together are hats, as you can just fit other hats on the largest one.

Nesting packing allows for more efficient use of storage space while saving time since it’s easier to fit all the pieces together like puzzle pieces than figure out how they will stack up on top of each other.


These are some of the many ways to save space when packing for a move.

We hope that in this blog post, we covered some great tips on how to save space when packing for a move.

These ideas will help surely make your moving day go smoother!

If you have more questions in mind, do not hesitate to reach out.

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